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Jesus Hitler Manson and Me

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Jesus, Hitler, Manson and Me
Bipolar Men of Influence
Vinnie Santino

A brave, unflinching look into the bipolar mind. Follow Vinnie Santino on a wild ride that's part memoir, part manifesto and 100% engrossing.

In this fascinating page-turner, Santino contends that Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson all had undiagnosed bipolar disorder, expertly explaining their often irrational behavior. Not only does Santino drop this bombshell with the singular vision of an insider but he backs up his convincing argument with potent examples.

Unconventional, funny, irreverent, thought-provoking, heartbreaking, often dark and even poignant, as much as you hate to admit it, JHM&M makes perfect sense.

"Jesus, Hitler, Manson and Me" is an unforgettable biography with a quirky twist. Santino proposes viewing bipolar disorder as a super-power instead of as a disability - when kept in check. However, when the condition is allowed to run rampant, bipolar individuals run the risk of meeting the fates of Jesus, Hitler and Manson.

From seducing a Mennonite girl to creating lucrative bizarre businesses as a teenager and running amuck in the alternative music circuit, Santino has done it all and dares to tell it all to prove his point. Until now, nothing has been written about bipolarity from the unique perspective of the bipolar male, certainly not with the unabashedly honesty of JHM&M.

If you're bipolar, love someone who is bipolar or are simply curious about the complex workings of the bipolar mind, JHM&M is a must-read.



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